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» Morretes/Antonina Tour

Birding Tour – Morretes and Antonina


It’s a 4 days birding trip.

Starting with a pick up at Afonso Pena International Airport (or a hotel of your choice in Curitiba) and a drive of 70 km down the mountains through the historical Graciosa Road, with a few stops on the way to Morretes City.colhereiro

Arriving in Morretes around noon just in time for lunch at a local restaurant in the historical center.

After lunch, a quick drive to Antonina City and check in at Camboa Hotel. The hotel is facing Antonina’s Bay where we can already check some of its birds.

tiesangueIn the afternoon, birding around Encantadas Reserve where we can see birds from the bay, mangroves, restinga and forest. Endemic species as Restinga Tyrannulet (Phylloscartes kronei), Long-billed Wren (Cantorchilus longirostris), Ferruginous Antbird (Drymophila ferruginea) among others, can be found in the area.

pirizais1On the second day a boat ride will take us to Nhundiaquara river mouth to check estuarine birds as Many-collored Rush Tyrant (Tachuris rubrigastra), Yellow-winged Blackbird (Agelasticus thilius), Wren-like Rushbird (Phleocryptes melanops) and the endemic Parana Antwren (Stymphalornis acutirostris) an endangered species discovered just in 1995. A quick stop before getting the boat to see some parrots.

papapiri1 bicudinhosite


In the afternoon the birding takes place at the base of the mountain range of Marumbi where a huge number of forest birds can be found. Ending Corelhuda1at Mr. Carlito house to watch hummingbirds visiting his feeders. At the begining of the night there will be time to search for some owls and nightjars.

On the third day the tour will take us to another forest area at the base of the mountains and after lunch up the mountains to see species from higher altitudes.

The last day will take us back to high altitudes during the morning and ends with a drop out at the airport or a hotel of your choice.



Transport 4×4 (Land Rover) with driver.RamphoSite

Birdwatching Guide.


Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner – except drinks).

Motor boat.

ECOTRIP Insurance.



TBertoniSite– 8.300,00 Reais – 1 to 3 birders.

– 12.100,00 Reais – 4 to 5 birders.

– 17.000,00 Reais – 6 to 9 birders.

30% on booking.


Possible to emend with other tours.

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Personalized Tours (contact us)

Birding Guide – Luciano A. Breves

Carona 4×4 – Marcelo Machado




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